How is technology taking over jobs ( How does technology affect employment )

Is Technology a Job Stealer

how is technology taking over jobs ?

Having a job or a career is very important. If you have a job or a career, you can earn money. Then you can buy your needs, pay your bills, buy an apartment, buy a vehicle, etc. Without money, you can’t do anything.

With the advancement of technology, lots of jobs and career opportunities were created. There are lots of advantages in technology(LINK).

How is technology taking over jobs

 Have you ever worried about your job?  That someday you will lose it? Perhaps you should be. Because of the advancement of technologies taking over our jobs and it affects to employment.

If you lose your job, you can’t buy foods, cloths, medicines, etc. simply you can’t survive without a job in todays’ world.

On one side, technology is creating jobs and on the other side, technology is destroying jobs. How does technology affect employment?

Technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics has taken technology to a different level. And with the advancement of technology, lots of career pathways were opened. Lots of jobs were created.

We can say that technology is taking away our jobs, but you need to know that technology is also creating new ones. Technology is faster, reliable, efficient when compared to humans. So, people are started to moving towards to technology.

How does technology affect employment

In 2020, 2.7 million industrial robots are operating in factories around the world. And the researchers are estimating, the global stock of robots would reach 20 million by 2030.

Countries around the world show different figures in job losses.  

Researchers found most job losses happen in the manufacturing field. Because, advancement of robotic technology would boost economic growth, productivity. So, companies spend billions to improve efficiency through automation.

For an example- In china and the United States, fewer people work in manufacturing companies today than in 1997.

Is Technology a Job Stealer

Technology steals not only manufacturing jobs. Technology also steals jobs like postmen. In ancient times we used to send letters with the help of postmen. But with technology, it was changed. Now we use modern technology to send letters. such as Emails, fax.

Lots of people are earning money from driving. Such as Bus drivers, taxi drivers, and truck drivers, etc.

With the advancement of technology self-driving vehicles are becoming more of a reality. Such as assisted driving in tesla cars and automated autonomous uber test cars, etc. These technologies are beginning to be used by more businesses and services. When more self-driving vehicles begin to use, the potential for job losses is staggering as millions of bus drivers, truck drivers, taxi drivers and other transport workers will be replaced.

It isn’t happening for many years. but it will. let’s read more about how does technology affect employment.

Car washing station

Is Technology a Job Stealer

Lot people are doing car washing places as a business and there are people for wash vehicles.  But now automated car shops are available. Only you have to do is insert a car and push a button. Rest of the things are handled by machines. This is the reason for loses jobs in car washing centers.


In most grocery stores, self-checkout lines are already found today. These computers are monitored by one person, and that person is doing the the job of what many people used to do.

Bank tellers and clerks

Is Technology a Job Stealer

In the past lot of employees were worked in banks. But today, ATMs have replaced human staff. People can deposit and withdraw money from their bank at anytime of the day.

Financial industry will become more digital in future. Because, people are moving fast to digital currency, like Bitcoin.

And now people can handle their all the financial transactions easily using their smartphones.

Doctors, anesthesiologist, and surgeon robots

In certain cases, without the assistance of a human, robots are replacing humans to perform basic surgeries or tasks

In the medical sector, IBM’s Watson machine is also used to help doctors to diagnose and review medical information and history. When it becomes smart and fast, it probably takes the place of many jobs that are handling by people.

Soldiers and guards

Nowadays, Militaries are already using autonomous and remote control flying drones in missions. And many military forces are also testing and producing robots to replace human ground troops. These robots can be deployed to guard duties, help soldiers to carry heavy equipment, and also these robots even can detect enemies and attack them.

Travel agents

Lot of people work as travel agents, they are guiding travelers, booking hotels, etc. But after the internet and computers involved with travel industry everything has changed. Now people can book hotels, find destinations, find locations through internet on their own. So, this can be a risk to travel agent’s jobs.

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